We produce special products for you

We are ready to cooperate with anyone who wants to bring our production quality together with their own brand!

While proving our expertise and professionalism in the sector with our exports to 44 countries in 5 continents, we maintain our leadership in production. We are developing our product range day by day in different categories for both professionals and consumers in hair color and shampoo, conditioner, hair styling products. We continue to work and produce with all our strength for our customers who want to

feel the power of professionalism in their hair. We are committed to achieve same high quality and customer satisfaction for your ideas as we do with our brands NEVACOLOR, EXICOLOR, NEVABLOND, NEVAPERM, BOTANIC, NEVAFORM XTREME and NEVACARE NUTRITIVE. We can work with you in the whole process from the idea process to the development stages, from design to production.

The power of your brand
meets the quality of Okay Cosmetics

Thanks to our principle of adapting to development and innovation and our wide range of products, we become your long-term partner in private label products with our success in the domestic and foreign markets. In the journey of creating your own brand, as Okay Cosmetics, we add value to your brand with planning all stages with one of the fastest delivery times in the industry, fast, efficient and affordable.